Jesus Loves You!

If you grew up in or around the church, you’ve probably heard the saying, “Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.”  Do you believe that Jesus loves YOU?

Circumstances Can Fool You

That may be easy to believe when life is going well, but the death of a child, sickness, job loss, a destroyed home, etc. can make it more difficult to believe that Jesus loves you UNLESS you know the truth. 

The Truth

The truth is that Jesus came to give us an abundant life, but our enemy (Satan and his army) came to steal, kill, and destroy you (John 10:10).  If bad circumstances are rocking your world, don’t believe the lie that it’s God punishing you or withdrawing His love. 

Jesus Gave Everything for You

Jesus on Cross

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Jesus gave His life for you, so He certainly isn’t going to strike you with disease or accidents to take your life away from you prematurely.  Jesus gave His life for you, so He isn’t going to take away your ability to provide for yourself and be a blessing to others.  Jesus gave His life for you, so He’s not going to destroy your home with a disaster.  He proved His love for you by dying for you.  What more can He do to convince you of His love? 

Jesus Loves You, but Satan Hates You

Anytime something bad happens, God gets blamed, but He rarely gets the glory when something good happens.  Stop blaming God for the devil’s dirty work!  Instead involve God in your life and let Him direct your steps so you can avoid evil and disaster.  If something “bad” happens in your life, expect God to work something good out of it even if it’s your fault (Romans 8:28).  Jesus didn’t die for you so you could struggle through this life.  He died so you could have an abundant life – NOW and later, so don’t settle for anything less!

Romans 8 – 32 Since He did not spare even His own Son but gave Him up for us all, won’t He also give us everything else? (NLT)

Let’s Pray:  It should have been me being beaten and it should have been me hanging on that cross, but You loved me so much You didn’t want that happen.  Correct the lies that make me think that Your perfect sacrifice wasn’t enough and that somehow MY suffering is payment for MY sins or the sins of the world.  Thank You Jesus!  Amen.

QUESTION:  Do you believe Jesus loves you?  Use the comment form below to share your thoughts.

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Have a Victorious Day!



  • Ann Musico

    Marianne a much needed post and reminder. I use John 10:10 as my dividing line whenever something “good” or “bad” happens – He came to give me overflowing life and Satan comes to steal, kill & destroy. Makes it very clear to see who is behind whatever happens!

  • Cheri Swalwell

    Thank you so much, Marianne. Exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Blessings to you for encouraging others through God’s TRUTH!

    • Marianne Clements

      Does anyone tire of hearing, “I love you”? It’s definitely something we all need to hear regularly.
      I’m glad you were able to hear the truth that Jesus loves YOU, Cheri.
      Have a Victorious Day!

  • Marianne Clements


    That’s a great idea — always hold up those thoughts, ideas, circumstances against God’s Word and John 10:10 makes it very clear.

    Have a Victorious Day!

  • Caroline Gavin

    Marianne, such a beautiful and powerful reminder of Jesus’ limitless love! May we kneel at the Cross if ever we forget the immensity of His mercy. You said it well: “What more can He do to convince you of His love?” God bless you, cherished sister, as you share the love He has placed in your heart!

    • Marianne Clements


      When we think of all that Jesus has already done for us it’s crazy to question His love for us or worse to believe that bad things are from Him!
      Yes His love is limitless. I pray we can stop limiting Him with our doubts.

      • Caroline Gavin

        Perfectly expressed, Marianne, and I agree wholeheartedly! May we release every doubt in order to embrace all of His love!