How to Become Wealthy

It would seem to make sense that if you could make more money and/or reduce expenses that you would be wealthier.  If wealth was really just a factor of income minus expenses, then everyone I know would be very wealthy. 

The Bible reveals the true source of wealth as the Lord (Deuteronomy 8:18).  This does not mean that we should seek the Lord for our personal gain or treat God as a genie in a bottle.  We should seek a RELATIONSHIP with the Lord, and as a result of our relationship we will be blessed.  Blessings are part of the New Covenant that was made effective by the blood (death) of Jesus. 

Working Hard But Still Broke

I was nearly 40 years old when I made Jesus my Lord and Savior.  At that time, I had a very good job and relatively low expenses, but I was still living paycheck to paycheck.  I was always stressed about money and always looking for ways to either make more money or cut expenses, but my efforts were in vain (Psalm 127:1).  Without God, wealth is temporary.

Courtesy of Microsoft Free Images

Courtesy of Microsoft Free Images


Resting in Abundance

We BEAR an abundance of good fruit (e.g. money) when we are connected to our Victorious Vine, Jesus (John 15:5).  As I mentioned in How is Creating Wealth Like Pregnancy?”, we don’t have to labor stressfully to create wealth.  Instead, when we connect to Jesus by feeding on His Word, His power will work in us and through us to BEAR an abundance of good fruit.



How Can Jesus Help You?

You don’t have to work long hours, live like a pauper, make a lot of money, have a great education, live in the right area, be an investment wiz or cheat people to create wealth.  If the Lord is with you, none of these things matter because He can cause increase no matter what your circumstances.  When Abraham and Lot separated, Lot took the best land, but it was Abraham that prospered because of his relationship with the Lord.  When Cain tried to kill his competition (his brother Abel), he lost everything because he valued money more than the life that God created.  When Laban tried to cheat Jacob by giving him the worst of the animals (i.e. low wages), Jacob prospered because the Lord was with him.  When a little boy’s lunch was offered with thanksgiving, Jesus caused it to multiply and feed 5000 and there was food left over!  When Peter let Jesus into his boat, he caught more fish than he and his friends could handle.  When Peter followed Jesus’ instructions, he caught a fish with a coin in its mouth so he could pay his taxes.   

Focus on Jesus

It’s good to pray about financial decisions, however the most important thing is to focus on your relationship with Jesus and let Him focus on your finances.  If you are in relationship with Jesus daily, He will give you your daily bread – directly or indirectly. 

Deuteronomy 8:18 - But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today. (NIV)

Let’s Pray:  Thank You Jesus for being my Victorious Vine and causing me to be healthy, wealthy and wise.  Thank You for wisdom and abilities to earn wages and be a blessing.  Thank You for divine appointments and favor.  Thank You for directing my steps to open doors of opportunity.  Thank You for the wisdom and warnings that keep me from financial disaster.

QUESTION:  How has your relationship with Jesus increased your wealth?  Use the comment form to share your thoughts.

Have a Victorious Day!
Marianne Clements