The Miracle of Easter

Today, millions of Christians around the world are celebrating Good Friday in remembrance of Jesus’ death on the cross about 2000 years ago. And, on Sunday, millions of Christians will celebrate Easter in remembrance of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. It’s great that after 2000 years, we are still remembering that Jesus took the punishment for our sins so God doesn’t have to sentence us to death for our sins. It’s awesome that we can expect a blessed life here on earth because Jesus reversed the curse when He hung on that tree. It’s exciting to know that I will someday go to Heaven and see my Lord and Savior, Jesus, face to face. I also look forward to seeing my loved ones who died believing in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Salvation is the greatest miracle for me and all of my brothers and sisters in Christ, but what about those who don’t know Jesus? Like me, maybe you have family members who are atheists or who practice some religion that doesn’t believe that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead. Like me, maybe you’ve tried to share Jesus with them, but it just made things worse. So, what can we do? One of the best things we can do is just enjoy the abundant life that Jesus died to give us, and share how blessed our lives are now that we are in relationship with Jesus.

Miracles in My Life Because of Jesus

Tree of Death

  Tree of Life

2 divorces; many failed relationships 1 Marriage with Jesus at the center!
Huge Debt; Struggling to pay bills despite having a good job Debt-free despite not having a job for 3 years!
Alcohol Addiction, Chronic Allergies Hypothyroidism, High Cholesterol, Alopecia, Stressed Mind and more. Addiction-free, allergy-free, Normal thyroid, Normal cholesterol, No hair loss, Sound mind, Peaceful, Prayerful.

Of course, I still have issues in my life from time to time, but because of Jesus I know that God’s will for me is good and not evil. I can rest assured that my issues are temporary and that God will work something good out of it.

Let’s Pray: Thank You Jesus for hanging on that tree to reverse the curse of sin and death. Thank You for taking the curses I deserve and giving me the blessings You deserve. Thank You for being my tree of life and causing me to bear an abundance of good fruit. I pray that my fruit will be so lovely and abundant that others will not be able to resist partaking of it, so they too know You and Your immense love. Amen.

QUESTION: How is your life more abundant because of Jesus? Use the comment form to share your thoughts.


Happy Resurrection Day!
  • Ann Musico

    I can’t even begin to list all the ways my life is more abundant since I made Jesus my Savior and Lord! The 4 most important ways are my husband and 3 children whom I never thought I would be blessed to have. I love the prayer you shared and I agree and say AMEN!! A blessed and wonderful Easter Marianne.

  • Marianne Clements

    Your fruit is abundant and lovely. If I didn’t already know Jesus, I would want to know Him because of you.
    Happy Easter Dear Friend,