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Nobody Loves Me

I Love You!

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God loves YOU,

so much that He sent His only beloved Son,


to suffer and die in your place,

so you can live abundantly and eternally!

John 3:16 (Paraphrased)


Nobody loves me.  That is a LIE!!!!    If ever there was a lie of the devil that needs to be exposed, it is that you are not loved.  You are loved unconditionally and eternally!!!!! 

Jesus didn’t die for Christians; He died for sinners.  We were all sinners, including the person who went to church their entire lives, as well as the atheist.  No matter who you are or what you have done, Jesus loves you and gave His life for you. 

Jesus’ love and righteousness are FREE gifts that you can receive right NOW.  You don’t have to get yourself right.  Just look at the TRUE LOVE on the cross and open your heart to His love, then His righteousness and all the other gifts and blessings that come through Jesus will start flowing to you. 

Let’s Pray:  Jesus, thank You for loving me and pursuing me even though I continually chased after the world’s idea of love.  It was a poor imitation of Your True Love and my love tank was always running on empty.  I pray for all who don’t have a relationship with You to have an encounter with True Love.  I also pray for all of those who know You to be reminded once again of Your True Love and Your willingness to do anything good for those You love.  

QUESTION:  Do you see Jesus as your True Love?  Use the comment form below to share your thoughts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!