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Why Christians Should Vote

A Christian who knows the true love of Jesus will want to tell the world, but our government, through the power of the Supreme Court, has slowly and steadily taken away the rights of Christians to spread the good news that Jesus suffered and died so we can live abundantly and eternally!  The Supreme Court justices are appointed by the President and serve for LIFE.  The Supreme Court can overrule the vote of the people.


Donald Trump has vowed to appoint conservative Supreme Court justices who will uphold the constitution which provides Christians with as much freedom as non-Christians.  


Hillary Clinton has vowed to appoint liberal Supreme Court justices who will continue to take away the religious freedom of Christians.  For example:


Preachers who broadcast on a regular channel on TV are required to have a disclaimer, but no disclaimer is required for programs that broadcast immorality.  Businesses are being sued for refusing to condone and participate in behaviors that go against Christian values.  States are being punished for not abiding by the laws that enforce the rights of a few while ignoring the rights of the majority (i.e. Christians).  However, some states are allowed to disobey Federal laws without punishment (e.g. legally selling marijuana) as long as it’s not for the interest of Christianity.


Don’t vote for who you like the most or dislike the least;  vote because we need our religious freedom to tell people about the Love of Jesus which transforms people and causes them to be good to each other.  Jesus in the hearts of the people is what will transform our country.


I don’t need a law to tell me it’s wrong to take a life (unborn or not).

I don’t need a law to tell me it’s wrong to murder with my tongue or my hands.

I don’t need a law to tell me it’s wrong to distort God’s definition of marriage that is between one man and one woman.

I don’t need a law to tell me that it’s wrong to commit adultery in my mind or body.

I don’t need a law to tell me that it’s wrong to lie and bear false witness.

I don’t need a law to tell me that stealing to get what I want is wrong.


Laws do not make me want to do the right thing – the love of Jesus makes me want to do the right thing.  And even when I don’t do the right thing, I know that I am still loved and I am still righteous because of the finished work of Jesus.  Without our religious freedom to spread the good news, our nation will suffer.


Jesus’ love and righteousness are FREE gifts that you can receive right NOW.  You don’t have to get yourself right.  Just look at the TRUE LOVE on the cross and open your heart to His love, then His righteousness and all the other gifts and blessings that come through Jesus will start flowing to you.


Let’s Pray:  I pray for all who don’t have a relationship with You to have an encounter with the True Love of Jesus.  I also pray for all of those who know You to be reminded once again of Your True Love and Your willingness to do anything good for those You love.  I pray for those who are called by Your Name to stand up and be heard in this election.